The various dishes are waiting for your coming to enjoy its

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Honey Spicy Chicken Wings
Prawns Tempura
Chicken Spring Rolls
Ibrahimee Sp2 Freed Prawns
Veg Tempura Platter

Sandwich’s Burgers

Chi Panini (Grill
Club Sandwich
Egg Tomato Sandwich
Chi Sandwich
Vegetarian Sandwich
Grill Fish with Lemon butter Sauce
Beef Burger
Chi Fillet burger
Chi burger


Chi Corn Soup
Hot & Sour Soup
IBrahimee SPL Soup
Chi Thai Soup
Szechuan Soup
Chi nest Soup
Chi Mushroom Soup
Chi Yakhni Soup

Cold Beverages

Mineral Water Large
Mineral Water Small
7up Regular Can (soft drinks)
Soft drink can Diet
Pina Colada
Storaway Colada

Fresh Seasoning Juices

Fresh Seasoning Juices

Hot Beverages

Black Tea
Coffee Regular
Coffee Cappuccino
Coffee Latte
Coffee Espresso
Green Tea ( On the house)

Ice Cream & Shakes

Ice Cream Shakes - Mango
Ice Cream Shakes - Strawberry
Ice Cream Shakes - Chocolate
Ice Cream Single Scoop - Mango
Ice Cream Single Scoop - Strawberry
Ice Cream Single Scoop - Chocolate


Fresh fruit Salad
Cream Caramel